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Looking into 2023

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Now 2023 is here, and what does it look like? SurvTech is adding even more technical capability this year, with an additional NavVis VLX, a high-definition Norbit multi-beam sonar system, and a Riegl 160 LiDAR and oblique imagery mapping pod for helicopter mapping. SurvTech heads into the new year with an incredible staff armed with the latest technology. At SurvTech, we work in numerous markets, so we don’t see a drop in revenue, but we do see revenue moving between markets. We think that commercial real estate will be down in 2023 because it’s been hot for so many years, interest rates have jumped, and federal work is up due to federal spending.

With the addition of key personnel in Metrology and 3D Laser Scanning (terrestrial and SLAM LiDAR), we look forward to high growth in those service areas. With high-definition multi-beam complimenting mobile, aerial, terrestrial, and SLAM LiDAR collection, SurvTech can model the real world in 3D, whether covered with water, vegetation, or inside a building. On the aerial side, our fleet will now include drones, planes, and helicopters. For gas and electric transmission corridors, we can blanket the route with imagery and LiDAR and with a point density that will move many projects out of the terrestrial scanning platform to the aerial acquisition platform.

More and more geospatial data will be collected remotely in 2023 than ever. Thereby increasing efficiency, schedules, and safety. The data acquisition will be more accurate, more efficient, and safer, making it a win, win, win for SurvTech and our clients. Our clients can call us and feel confident we will recommend the right solution for geospatial collection because, at SurvTech, we offer all the solutions. This allows so to select the right solution for their project.

We are looking forward to 2023 because technology is exploding in the geospatial world!

Talk to SurvTech Solutions about partnering on a project in 2023.



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