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A look into 2022!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

SurvTech Solutions

Let us look forward as we start a new year, but first, we must look back. During 2021, the economy in the geospatial market has stayed strong, even with COVID, supply chain issues, and high inflation. What does this tell us? Even with all the problems in the economy, the demand for geospatial products is strong. The beginning of the new year is a time for optimism! So now, let us look forward to the coming year.

What is the good news? There is a large amount of infrastructure spending planned for the US. In fact, levels of infrastructure spending should be unparalleled compared to recent times. Plus, infrastructure is the backbone of any economy. We hope this spending goes to fundamental infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, power, utilities, and telecommunications.

As SurvTech looks forward into 2022, we see advanced mapping technology, such as unmanned vehicles, LiDAR, multi-beam sonar changing the mapping industry as we know it. More autonomous and mobile mapping will increase the speed and density of data acquisition, which in turn needs more bandwidth for data transmission and cloud computing. Here at SurvTech, we see 2022 as another good year, and we look forward to all of the positive changes and improvements it will bring. We are always up to the challenge and are eager to create new opportunities! Happy New Year!



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