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MSHA Refresher 2018

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

SurvTech and Flatwoods Consulting collaborate on Training event

Huge thanks to Flatwoods Consulting for collaborating with us to offer live hands-on demonstrations of safety procedures. what a great way to start our day before our MSHA Annual refreshers.


hand tool safety

-Brent Swann (SurvTech Solutions) going over Hand tool and health safety

trailer safety

-David Graves and Henry Simpkins (SurvTech Solutions) Teaching Trailer safety

Truck and UTV safety

-Jeff Busch and Jeff Rupe (Flatwoods Consulting) Teaching Truck and UTV Safety

Miners Rights

-Shannon Gonzalez (Flatwoods Consulting) lead discussions Q&A of Miners Rights

CPR and First Aid Certification

Everyone also became certified in CRP and First Aid !!

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