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Subsurface Utility Mapping in Tampa Florida

Subsurface Utility Mapping

Proudly providing Subsurface Utility Surveys in Tampa, Florida
and throughout the Southeastern United States

For Subsurface Utility Mapping (SUM) and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) in Tampa, Florida, having the right equipment and experience means doing the job right the first time. The SurvTech SUE crew is equipped with a multitude of tools to map your utilities efficiently. The staff is cross-trained to perform SUE and survey services to reduce site visits and simplify communication on your project. As a complete geophysical mapping firm we have access to additional technology for underground utility location. These technologies include lower frequency GPR (100 MHz), electrical resistivity (ERI), electromagnetic conductivity (EM), and seismic technology. Not only can we locate utilities on land, one of our specialties is locating subsurface utilities under water bodies, such as rivers, berths, lakes and oceans.  We have the people and the technology to locate and map any subsurface technology on your project! 

SUE Services

  • Subsurface Utility Engineering/Mapping to ASCE Level "A" and "B" standards

  • Pipe Thickness Testing

  • Designation and Verification

  • Analysis and Compilation of legacy documents and subsurface utility record plans

  • Utility Mapping in BIM, Revit, and 2D or 3D CAD

SUE Tools

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • Electromagnetic Conduction (EM)

  • Electromagnetic line detection and tracking

  • Vacuum excavation trucks and trailers

    • 4x4 250-gallon wet/dry vacuum truck for big jobs

    • Small Vacuum trailer for tight shoulders with limited right-of-way

    • Additional vehicles in between

  • Non-destructive remote sensing subsurface investigation technologies

  • Survey Grade GPS

Subsurface Utility Mapping
marking utilities
marking utilities with paint
detecting underground utilities

Ground Penetrating Radar for Subsurface Utility Locating

GPR is a powerful tool for mapping the depth and location of metallic, non-metallic, plastic, concrete and asbestos-concrete utilities. GPR mapping allows us to systematically cover an area to quickly show the position and condition of multiple buried utilities. GPR surveys on regular grids are recommended for Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) projects.

Marking and Mapping

Not only do we mark underground facilities with paint and flags, you can also get detailed CAD and BIM maps of underground facilities. These maps improve project execution, reduce risk and minimize future changes and claims. These detailed maps of your underground facilities can save your project time and money.

Benefits of Utility Mapping

Knowing the intricate details of your project’s subsurface can assist in planning, avoid costly mistakes or delays, and improve safety. Relying on historical data can be oversimplified, inaccurate or simply not properly show current conditions. Partnering with SurvTech Solutions to map your utilities means you have the data to proceed with confidence in your next project.

Benefits Summary

  • Improve design and construction analysis

  • Reduce risks and unknowns

  • Know what is below the surface before you dig

  • Enhance schedule and budget accuracy

  • Eliminate utility outages and hits

  • Simplify Future Maintenance

  • Increase safety

  • Reduce project cost

  • Locate take-offs, bell-joints and laterals


Projects that can benefit from SUE Services

  • Utility locating

  • Pot holing

  • Trenching

  • Pole / sign clearing

  • Indoor excavations

  • Manhole / Valve box cleanouts

  • Mud removal

  • Uncover and map storage tanks

  • Clear areas for water monitor installs

  • Culvert cleanouts

  • Lift stations

  • Utility relocations

  • Locating unknown and abandoned utilities

  • Construction

  • Master Planning for Comprehensive Water, Wastewater, Reclaimed Water, Solid Waste and Stormwater Utility Systems

  • Hydraulic Modeling and Analysis

  • Regulatory Audit and Compliance

  • Design and Construction Management for Reclaimed Water Facilities

  • Design and Construction Management for Solid Waste Facilities

  • Design and Construction Management for Water Supply, Treatment, Storage, High Service Pumping and Distribution Systems

SUE Equipment

SUE Equipment Technical specs

The technical specs of some of our equipment:

  • GSSI Utility Scan DF (Dual Frequency – 300 & 800 MHz)

  • GSSI SIR 4000 GPR Cart (300 & 400 MHz)

  • GSSI SIR 3000 GPR Cart (100 MHz)

  • Radio Detection (RD) 4000 & 8000 Locators

  • Metrotech Vivax LocPro2 and LocPro3 Locators

  • Olympus 38DL Plus Pipe Thickness Gauge

  • AGI Supersting ERI

Pipe Thickness Testing

SurvTech has performed pipe thickness testing for municipalities around the southeast using Olympus 38DL Plus pipe thickness gauges. Pipe Thickness testing allows municipalities to track the life span and chance of failure on their force main infrastructure.

SUE Crew

Get started with your SUE project

Do you need subsurface utilities designated, verified and/or mapped in the Tampa, Florida area?  Don’t hesitate.  Contact SurvTech Solutions today. 

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