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SurvTech Solutions Using UAV's at GEOWERX 2023 San Antonio!

San Antonio recently hosted the 2023 Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo (JETC). For the third time, SurvTech Solutions contributed to the success of GeoWERX III working group, offering JETC attendees an opportunity to engage with geospatial experts in their operating environment and observe processes and tools they use to make the invisible visible and support operations, business, and regulatory requirements.

"Despite thousands of combat hours flying military-grade drones, this acquisition was one of the more challenging flights I have completed." - Mark Bickel, UAV Department Manager.

UAV at conference

SurvTech's UAV Department Manager and Part 107 pilot conducted flights. The LiDAR data was processed on-site by SurvTech's LiDAR Analyst Josh Hearn, following quality control procedures to ensure spatial accuracy for integration with other datasets. Some of the different datasets included traditional land surveying, aerial imagery acquired from UAVs, Interior SLAM scanning developed with a NavVis VLX, and readily available public data. GeoWERX companies showed JETC attendees how a geospatial team comprised of numerous private sector companies and government agencies could instantly mobilize to a site and produce high-quality geospatial data. SurvTech's dataset was a high-definition Reality Model of the Convention Center and Tower of The Americas and a classified point cloud to support feature extraction.



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