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The Sanford Office's Pipeline Specialists

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Pipeline survey has a lot of different interpretations. The most common is the installation of large mainlines. Surveyors will travel up to a thousand feet in a day, recording the location of welds joining forty feet or so sections of pipe together. They will need to note the heat number, the length of the joint of pipe, and the weld ID connecting them. The Survtech team from the Sanford office uses these same principles but works in a much more detailed environment. When a pipe is welded together, it becomes many times much smaller in diameter than mainlines. This process will make for a variety of different types of elbows, tees, flanges, reducers, and valves. The smaller diameter pipelines will take off as laterals from the mainlines, and they will crossover from mainline to mainline and have valves to redirect the flow.

The Sanford team does everything a mainline pipe surveyor will do at a much more elaborate measure. Traditional surveyors must attune to the exacting demands of the job we do each day. The skills of the Sandford office employees make them very unique and special. They are uniquely talented and work extremely hard to continue providing a specialized service for demanding clients.

Pipeline Surveyors

Trust the expert pipeline surveyors at SurvTech Solutions in Sanford, Florida to accurately survey your oil or gas pipeline project. Call 407-347-2174 to get started.



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