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The Gasparilla Lighthouse Post Hurricane Ian

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Lighthouse isometric and north view
Specific Purpose Survey Gasparilla Island Lighthouse (Isometric and North View)

September is the official peak of hurricane season. In 2022 it was no exception. The month ended holding another record in history, delivering the 5th strongest hurricane on record to hit the United States! It was the strongest hurricane to strike Florida since Michael in 2018. Also, the first Category 4 hurricane to impact Southwest Florida since Charley in 2004.

Hurricane Ian made landfall near Cayo Costa in southwestern Florida as a dangerous, high-end Category 4 storm. The hurricane’s maximum sustained winds were recorded just shy of a category five hurricane, at 155 mph. Many homes, businesses, and structures sat helplessly on its path as the wind and storm surge swept by. Some were wiped out of the map. Some withstood in the high winds only to be deemed unsafe to occupy later.

Storm Damage Surveys

After the storm, SurvTech Solutions was called into action, in a couple of instances, to survey damages to different structures throughout the state. SurvTech uses the latest technology available on the market and the most effective methodology to deliver various products based on reality capture.

Hurricane Ian

SurvTech came into action, providing the client with a plumbness analysis of the Gasparilla Island Lighthouse in Boca Grande. The storm hit the area hard, and the I-beam supports sustained deformations. The engineers responsible for the lighthouse were concerned with a possible shift. The survey department deployed a crew to the site and set control points to monitor any future structural movement. A Laser scanning department crew was deployed to record the site for a point cloud deliverable, 3D models, and plumbness analysis. This was another successful effort made by the Teams at SurvTech Solutions. We are proud to be one of the leading Surveying Companies in the Southeastern USA, staying at the forefront of the technology wave servicing air, sea, and terrestrial needs.

SurvTech Solutions is here to help you respond after a natural disaster. Contact SurvTech Solutions to measure your project after a storm.



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