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SurvTech Solutions VS. Corrosion

Updated: May 7, 2023

3D model for isometric extraction assisting pre-fabrication of pipes
3D model for isometric extraction assisting pre-fabrication.

Using Laser Scanning to detect hidden Corrosion

Any industrial setting that is operational battles corrosion daily. Most of the time, corrosion is an enemy you can easily spot. Certain types of corrosion are dangerous. The corrosion types that are not visible are what we help the industry stay away from. Up-to-date maintenance will keep their equipment running and operations afloat.

SurvTech Solutions spent a couple of days in the Miami area documenting situations as they were found. The Sanford Survey and Scanning Departments teamed up to document a site where corrosion was an issue and certain assets needed replacement. Corrosion can be subdivided into different categories, uniform corrosion or pitting corrosion. Whereas uniform will be easier to spot over a surface, and pitting corrosion will happen under the surface. Subsurface, undercutting, and horizontal grain corrosion can destroy an asset without much noticeable evidence.

pipes scanned for retrofit
Reality capture digitizing sensitive assets to produce quality deliverables.

Retrofits and Repairs with Better Data

SurvTech Teams were on site in Miami to document assets due for repairs. Because of this level of corrosion, the client decided to replace the units. A more advanced system was considered for the site, pending retrofit verifications. The entire site was scanned, documented, cataloged, and a 2D isometric drawing was provided to reverse engineer the system using the latest and greatest technology on the market.

Multiple crews were on site, using the latest technology available to compile a specific dataset. The goal was to deliver to our client’s engineers the best possibility of retrofitting these systems. This was achieved with no return trips or additional costs to the client. The ability to retrofit their systems rests on the point cloud collected using terrestrial scanners and a tight control grid to provide redundancy checks. Upon design creation, a digital retrofit verification was made possible to certify that the new system would fit in the precise location.

Using technology adds value for our clients and maintains a long-lasting relationship. Survtech Solutions strives for this relationship.

Laser Scanning of Your Facility

When you need accurate information about your industrial facility. SurvTech Solutions is ready to provide you the highest quality data in a way that minimizes impact to your work flow. Call 813-621-4929 to talk to our team about laser scanning of your facility today.



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