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SurvTech Solutions in Lakeland, Florida

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Update 4/18/2022: SurvTech still proudly serves the geographic survey needs of Lakeland and surrounding areas in Florida. Our Lakeland office has moved to Mulberry. We also have offices in Sanford, Tampa, and Fort Pierce to serve you.

SurvTech Solutions Lakeland, FL

The Lakeland office started operations at the beginning of 2020 to strengthen our presence in Central Florida, and many of our clients will benefit from the convenient location of this office, on the Southeast side of Lakeland, off Highway 98.

This office is led by Professional Surveyor and Mapper Tim McClintic. Coming from our headquarters in Tampa, Tim is one of our most tenured team members at SurvTech Solutions. As a project manager, he is in charge of survey QA/QC review. He also serves as CADD Manager for SurvTech Solutions, reviewing topographic and conventional surveying final deliverables. Examples of the deliverables he oversees include volumetric calculations, as-built vs. design x-sections, digital terrain models, and 3D point clouds in AutoCAD and ESRI ArcGIS formats.

SurvTech Solutions Lakeland Interior

The Lakeland location is now the base of operations for the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) department, which mobilizes to all of Florida and the Southeast United States. Our capabilities within the UAV department have been growing, and we have recently added new equipment, such as the Harris hybrid hexacopter, which has a flight time of up to two hours. At the Lakeland office, all of our UAV equipment is stored and maintained in a centralized location for quick mobilization.



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