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Robotics in Surveying

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

SurvTech Solutions is proud to announce that we have recently added the GeoMax Zoom 90 to our wide array of surveying tools. The GeoMax Zoom 90 only needs one man to operate which allows for more production from our daily crews and an overall better survey product for our clients. This tool is completely automated and effectively reduces many of the daily on-site delays. It can also be utilized with Carlson Hybrid software which allows for the use of the instrument, even with obstructed views of the prism. The GeoMax Zoom 90 is also a TRUE 1-second instrument. Not only does this instrument measure to 1”, but its advanced hybrid motors are also able to calculate positions in 1-second intervals.

 GeoMax Zoom 90 reduces surveying time and increases accuracy

Our clients will be excited for the GeoMax Zoom 90 as it eliminates many of the daily on-site delays between chief and operators. This means that the costs for onsite time can be greatly reduced! Some more exciting additions to the tool are that it has a NAVLight which allows a user to use the LED lights as guidance during a stakeout. It also has 1,000m reflectionless abilities, internal long-range Bluetooth, 1GM internal memory, and expandable memory storage. Lastly, the GeoMax Zoom 90 is backed by the development team at Hexagon; the same developers of industry favorite Leica Geomatics GPS and instrument systems.

surveying robot

If your team has a project that needs precise and fast land surveying services, contact us!



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