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POWERGEN 2023 Review

man speaking to crowd
Keynote Speaker at POWERGEN International 2023

POWERGEN International 2023 has come to an end! The conference, where all the big players in power generation, engineering, and renewable energy come together, took place in Orlando, Florida. Four days of powerful talks about change, sustainability, and energy generation.

It is interesting when a power generation industry conference it's held at a convention center where hydroponic fields are the focal point at every entrance. Talk about innovation and sustainability.

There is nothing new about the fact that times are changing. Generations are coming and going, and change is a major part of that. The Millennials generation that we all picked on, are getting older. The new kids on the block are "Generation Z," also known as post millennial generation. Generation Z is entering the workplace, and studies are out. Did you know that we learned at PowerGen that 64% of Millennials would not work at a place that it's not socially responsible? Well, guess what? The same study shows that 100% of Generation Z will not take a job at a company that it's not socially responsible.

Men in front of sign
Ryan Fowler, Sanford Division Manager, and Fabiano Santos, 3D Scanning Department Manager, attending POWERGEN 2023!

Shifting into the energy talks, Survtech was part of presentations on breakthrough technologies hitting the market, showing immense growth opportunities. Different technologies that store energy for long periods of time are being developed around the world. Energy Dome, a small company based out of Milan-Italy, presented their latest tech on how they are compressing CO2 to store energy. Another engineering company, WSP, a Canadian company with American and British roots, are building hydrogen storages in salt caverns in the mid-west. The caverns are drilled at approximately 600 meters below the surface and pressurized for Hydrogen storage.

SMR's do you know what they are? Small modular reactors are power plants that use nuclear technology to generate energy. The benefits are a smaller physical footprint, lower investment, and the ability to be installed where large nuclear plants would not. The SMR's are becoming a reality and carries the potential to change the world. Yes, nuclear can be headed your way in the next couple of decades.

One must be asking, what does that have to do with SurvTech? Much like the Marines, Survetch Solutions is the first trade on the job site and the last trade to leave the site. Therefore, these companies are always looking for partners such as SurvTech Solutions to fulfill roles that range from Land Development staking through deepwater surveys with side scan sonars, Lidar data acquisition for salt mine as-builts, and Building information models.

SurvTech stays current and works with the most advanced technologies to understand our client's needs and produce the best results by using the best methodologies.

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