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Our Latest GIS Department Initiatives

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

GIS Department Initiatives
GIS Department Initiatives

SurvTech Solutions is already a well-known and highly respected surveying and mapping firm. The company has developed a niche for data collection, from using UAVs and planes to collect lidar, imagery, and thermal data to using unmanned and amphibious vessels to collect hard-to-access hydrographic data. The next step in the geospatial lifecycle is to consistently take that survey data and turn it into a Geographic Information System (GIS) capable of helping our clients visualize and understand the data, answer questions, and even perform predictive analysis in an enterprise environment. My name is John Merritt, and I’ve been in the geospatial industry for 24 years, most recently working at Woolpert after having helped build Optimal GEO into one of the most well-respected federal geospatial firms in the county capable of performing every type of GIS work in the industry. Presidents Dave O’Brien and Stacy Brown have allowed me to build similar capabilities at SurvTech. After spending my first week talking with many of our department heads and learning more about SurvTech, I couldn’t be more excited to continue.

Geospatial Cloud Data
Depiction of Interconnection of GIS users, Developers, Data, Tools and Analysis into the Esri Cloud.

My goal with SurvTech is to build our GIS department to be as capable as any in the country. To be a company that people think of when they think of GIS. This won’t happen overnight or even within the first year, but we will continue taking steps every day in that direction. The way we’ll get started on this goal is:

  1. Look for GIS opportunities within SurvTech’s existing clients and projects.

    1. I’ve talked and strategized with several of our department heads already, with plans to talk with the rest this week. I see a lot of GIS opportunities within our gas transmission line work headed by Ryan Fowler, Sanford Division Manager.

    2. We’ve had several calls already with current clients about new GIS opportunities, including at the county level and competitive teaming opportunities.

  2. Winning GIS opportunities with new clients to increase our past performance.

    1. I’ve identified several upcoming GIS opportunities that I’m strategizing and having meetings on, including a local university as well as an international Army base.

  3. Bringing on new GIS employees to give us additional capabilities and relationships within the GIS world.

    1. Numerous highly skilled GIS people in the industry are anxious for an opportunity with SurvTech. As we get closer to closing new projects, we’ll look at bringing on additional talent.

  4. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have ideas, questions, or just want to talk. If you’re going to talk non-work, I’ll talk your head off about regenerative agriculture (Beef, it’s what's for dinner), college football (Go Gators), and country music.

Contact John Merritt at or (256) 698-2667


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