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LiDAR – Not Just for Mapping

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

LiDAR Mapping applications

When someone begins talking about LiDAR, most people do not realize how many different applications that it can be used for. Typically for us here at SurvTech, we utilize LiDAR from drones and manned aircraft to create bare-earth digital elevation models, digital surface models, and digital terrain models. These are utilized by various clients in engineering and construction projects for planning purposes. But there are many more ways that aerial LiDAR is utilized to save our clients money!

Environmental Applications of LiDAR

Environmental groups can utilize LiDAR data for quite a few applications. The data can be used to assess habitat for specific species, which helps determine if a particular area is suitable for endangered species. Through LiDAR data, specialists can tell the structure and the quality of the fauna in a forest environment and determine what types of vegetation can thrive and what species would not fare well based on the canopy/available sunlight on the forest floor.


Wildfire Prevention/Planning

LiDAR can also be helpful in wildfire prevention/planning. The data can be used to show the amount of natural fuel present in an area of concern, whether deadfall or areas of dense brush. These areas can then be cleared or controlled burns prescribed to remove the excess debris that would add to a wildfire’s intensity.

Landslide Analysis

Landslide analysis can also be performed utilizing LiDAR technology. Data can be used to determine the probability of erosion and the impact that the landslide could have on the surrounding area. With the information available to predict the likelihood of a landslide, preventive measures can be implemented to mitigate the effects of the landslides.

Watershed Analysis

Water management agencies can use LiDAR data to get a highly accurate topographical representation of an area to determine watershed analysis and the impact construction of various structures would have on the surrounding areas.

SurvTech Solutions ready to help

If you have a project where you think LiDAR could give you the data you need to make better decisions, give us a call at 813-621-4929. We'll help you figure out the best way to get the information you need. Contact SurvTech Solutions today.



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