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  • Emily Falcone

Discover our Newest Locations!

Updated: Apr 10

SurvTech Solutions in Puerto Rico

Survtech Solutions is proud to announce that we have opened two new offices! Our Jacksonville, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico offices are now open for business. This announcement means that SurvTech is now an international company with the same small business attention to detail quality. We are so excited to be able to offer our services to so many new people!

SurvTech in Jacksonville, Florida

Kevin Bowman, P.S.M., is now running our Jacksonville office and is a well-qualified professional with eight years of survey experience, five of which were as a licensed PLS in Colorado. Kevin served for five years in the USMC and lived in Colorado for seven years before returning to his home state of Florida in 2021, acquired his Florida P.S.M., and is eager to apply his knowledge and experience to your project.

Our new 2260-square-foot Jacksonville office is currently being renovated and will be opening soon. In the meantime, do not hesitate to reach out to him

Puerto Rico Survey Office

Javier O Escobales, P.L.S., is managing our new Puerto Rico office. Javier is a well-qualified professional with more than 26 years of survey experience. With this new office, we are working on expanding SurvTech Solution’s operations into the Caribbean Islands! Email Javier at for more information. To learn more about our other locations, visit our Contact Page!

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