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Condominium Conversion Survey Service

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Condominium Conversion Survey Condo Conversion

Condominium or “condo” conversion is the subdivision of a large multi-family site into individual parcels for separate individual dwelling apartments. This type of service is needed when an owner of a multi-family housing complex would like to convey (sell) individual apartments to individual owners. By way of comparison, a “reverse condo conversion” is the turning of “for sale” condo units into available rental units.

This survey service typically includes identifying shared spaces like pools, the lobby, gyms and amenities, and parking lot locations. We carefully denote each individual unit marking shared walls so unit owners can know their share of each space. We work with the owners to create these specialized boundary surveys and follow all regulations for the locale and state where the condominium is located.

Condo Conversion Actions Performed

  • Performing a boundary survey

  • Interior measurement of apartments

  • Measurement of recreation facilities

  • Preparation of a survey exhibit for condo documents

Equipment Used

  • Sokkia 330R Reflectorless and GeoMax

  • Trimble R12 and Carlson BRx7 GPS Units

  • Sokkia SDL 30 and Topcon DL 502 Digital Levels

  • Trimble TSC5 and Carlson Surveyor 2 Data Collectors

  • Carlson Survey, Civil 3D, Microstation Power InRoads

  • Leica RTC 360 Scanner and Leica Disto

Trust the Experts for your Condominium Conversion

SurvTech Solutions is experienced at performing condominium conversion surveys, having performed them all across Florida and the Southeastern United States. We have multiple offices, so we can efficiently deploy from Tampa, Sanford, Mullbery, Fort Pierce, Jacksonville, Fort Myers, New Orleans, and Mobile to service those and other cities inland or on the beach. We are efficient at providing the necessary paperwork and minimizing impact to your current residents. We have extensive experience with numerous types of surveying, including providing expert testimony concerning condominiums.

Get started on your Condo Conversion

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the process of getting a condo conversion survey. Reach out to our team for a free estimate of what a condo conversion survey would cost for your property.



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