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Scanning the Clearwater Bandshell

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Bandshell and model Overlay
Bandshell and Model Overlay

Defining a trend is simple and easily achievable through a Google Search. Trend: a noun that depicts a general direction in which something is developing or changing. A clear example is A.I.; Artificial Intelligence is one of the hot topics everyone likes to talk about. Another trend we see growing in most Florida towns is the revitalization of downtowns, parks, and historical buildings.

Revitalization Project Highlight: Coachman Park

Coachman Park is one of the latest renovation projects in our area. The park sits between Downtown Clearwater and the waterfront. The renovation will include:

  • 19 acres of park space.

  • Creating a direct path to downtown.

  • A pedestrian promenade overlooking the Intracoastal.

The highlight of said renovation is the construction of a new 9,000 seats covered outdoor performing arts venue. This is a hot topic in every city. Revitalized areas are bringing in tourists and locals and increasing financial resources through these newly redeveloped areas.

Leader in Surveying for Development Projects

SurvTech Solutions has always been at the forefront of development and revitalization. We certainly make the best use of our monetary resources to benefit our clients with the best possible products and solutions. During the past couple of months, two SurvTech Departments worked closely with a client out of New York, delivering products based on the latest technology. The Metrology Department provided the client with dimensional control reports showing their findings on anchor bolt verification and placement. The department was able to produce precise measurements using advanced 3-dimensional metrology techniques and tooling. SurvTech uses the latest technology on the market to acquire data in the field, inspected by professionals with decades of experience.

terrestrial Lidar technology  used for 3D model

Another department that teamed up with the Metrology Department was the Laser Scanning Department. The challenge presented on this job was to document the Bandshell Structural components based on terrestrial Lidar technology while the site was still under construction. The second part of the challenge for the Laser Scanning Department was to produce an accurate 3D model showing the placement of over 250 flange plates and longitudinal chord members. The job was delivered before the deadline and went above and beyond all client’s expectations. The client has requested a return trip for future data collection of items yet installed.

Delivering Excellence

SurvTech strives to deliver excellence on every job. We certify that our clients will receive the most accurate product and best customer service. Call 813-621-4929 to get started on your project.



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