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Adding Helicopter LiDAR to our Services!

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Helicopter LiDAR
Riegl VUX-160\3-Phase one Cameras\AIMMS-30 Weather Probe

SurvTech has a very exciting announcement! We recently purchased a Riegl VUX-160\3-Phase one Cameras\AIMMS-30 weather probe, and we are now waiting for delivery in late February or early March. We are excited to get this in our Sensor fleet so we can do projects we currently cannot do efficiently. SurvTech will be able to map hundreds of miles of Powerline corridors using High-Density LiDAR with three different looks from a Phase One Camera and an AIMMS-30 weather probe. The system will enable us to use it on a Helicopter. High-definition LiDAR and Imagery will be available to clients who need good-quality data. This setup will allow us to fly any size project and still be efficient. This system will meet the need for projects like Powerline Corridors, Rails, and any high-density project. Our team is highly experienced in collecting LiDAR and Imagery from Airplanes and Drones, so this setup will be a perfect fit for our arsenal.

Advantages of data collection with LiDAR helicopter

Why use this setup rather than an Airplane setup? We can collect much denser LiDAR Data and collect three different camera looks to meet our client’s needs and manage them simultaneously. Why use this setup rather than a Drone? We can collect high-density LiDAR and fly hundreds of miles if needed with the three camera looks flown simultaneously. I surely don’t want to discount airplanes and drones because there are projects more suited for them, and they collect significant data. We wanted a system with the latest technology to provide our clients with the best data possible.

We are looking forward to having our system up and running soon. Stay tuned!

Aerial Map Your Project

SurvTech has a full hangar of aircraft to map your project. Tell us about your mapping needs and we'll use the right tools to get the job done efficiently.



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