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Saturday Monthly Survey Training

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

While other crews are sleeping on Saturday, our guys are busy learning essential skills to improve field performance. This Saturday, members of the I-man and Junior Party Chief departments showed up for the second time to sharpen their pencils and learn some basic survey techniques.

Safety Department Manger Brent Swann spent the day making sure everyone is on the same page with classroom and practical training exercises. This Saturday, the lesson was on Levelling, reviewing all of the math and equipment operation necessary to get it right every time.

Putting in that extra effort and making sacrifices for the sake of the team are what make SurvTech employees stand out. Everyone in attendance worked together to learn new skills, while brushing up on tasks we take for granted. Several other monthly training courses are lined up, with a focus on cross-departmental skills, such as drone operation.

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