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2019 Year in Review

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Many exciting things happened at SurvTech in 2019, including a new branch office, new equipment, and many conferences and presentations.

New Orleans, Louisiana: Ray Brouilette joined our team in the New Orleans area, to open a new branch office and extend our reach of services to our fantastic clients along the Gulf Coast. Ray is a Senior Program Manager, bringing 21 years of experience to the team, managing a wide range of projects and specializing in aerial data collection. Contact Mr. Brouilette at

New Equipment: Continuing our tradition of bringing you services based on the latest technology, SurvTech added a few new tools to the toolkit this year, and these are some really neat ones!

NavVis M6 Indoor Mobile Mapping System Indoor 3D scanning just got faster! To increase the efficiency of our LiDAR scanning projects, we acquired a mobile system that allows us to scan building interiors in a fraction the time that scans used to take with stationary tripods. To schedule your next 3D scanning project, contact Eddie Oliveras at

Harris Carrier H6 Hybrid HE+ UAV surveys are lasting longer! Our newest addition to the UAV fleet will allow us to stay in the air longer by combining the traditional battery power source with a small, onboard gasoline-powered generator. This means surveys that used to take multiple launches can be accomplished with just one! To schedule your next UAV aerial imagery project, contact Ken Comeaux at

Olympus 38DL Plus Our SUE department is now providing surveys with expanded scope of service with our new Ultrasonic Thickness Gage. Using a non-destructive form of testing, we can determine the thickness of pipes with a portable system. To schedule your next SUE project, contact Ray Hicks at

Conferences and Presentations: We at SurvTech like to get out there and educate the public about survey technology, while spreading the word on all the great services we have to offer. Our president David O'Brien hit the circuit again this year, with a few excellent presentations, including one at the Society of American Military Engineers Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo (SAME JETC). This year Tampa had the privilege of hosting the event, and Dave gave a talk on geospatial data collection with our partners in the GeoWERX program.

Some of the other conferences where we attended and/or presented, include ECI Utility Conference (November), Pipeline Technology Forum (October), Florida Association of Environmental Professionals 2019 (September), Florida Water Resources (April), Florida Utilities Coordinating Committee Spring Conference (April), Florida Shores and Beaches Preservation Association Technology Conference (February). We hope to see you at the next one!

As we look forward to 2020, we are grateful for all of our team members and wonderful clients that helped make 2019 a success. We are planning big things for 2020. Stay tuned to find out!



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