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2018 Annual Company Picnic

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

SurvTech Company Picnic

On Saturday May 5th, SurvTech Solutions held our annual company picnic at Fort De Soto Park. Catering was provided by Sonny's BBQ.

SurvTech Team

There was a lot of relaxation and laughter. The SurvTech family takes this opportunity every year to get to know each other.

SurvTech Company Picnic

Though we are all part of the same team, we don't all get the chance to work together. This was a time to learn about the work and lives of those in other departments.

Fun at Fort DeSoto

It was a nice day at the park! The food was good, the skies were clear, and the water was warm. We cherish Fort De Soto Park are already looking forward to next year!

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