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Deformation 3D Laser Scanning

Deformation 3D laser scans typically consists of measuring slight movement in structures over a prolonged period of time.  3D Laser scanning is a very precise measurement tool, which acquires an extremely dense data set.  With the right controls in place laser scanning can detect subtle movements in a structure.  Surfaces can be created of any scan of a structure and overlaid with a scan of the same structure at a later date.  Additionally the scanner takes high definition imagery of everything that it scans, so structure imperfections such as cracks can be documented and measured.

3D Laser Scanning Applications for Deformation:

  • Detecting Subtle Movements in a Structure

  • Documenting and Measuring Cracks

SurvTech Solutions is experienced at creating 3D Laser Deformation scans throughout the Southeastern US (FL, GA, SC, NC, KY, AL, LA, MS, TN, & TX). Contact Survtech Solutions to see how how 3D Laser Scanning can benefit your project.

3D Laser Scan to detect degree of deformation

This 3D Laser Scan of a Tank Accurately Documents the Degree of Deformation

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