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Archaeology: 3D Laser Scanning & Point Cloud Technology

Archeological Dig Laser Scanning & 3D Modeling Benefits
  • Reconstruction of Delicate or sensitive areas

  • Allows creation of non-intrusive observations

  • Recreation of areas and items in a real time 3-D model

  • Cataloging and examination of actual items in 3-D environment

  • Create permanent and viewable contextual mapping, allowing for closer non destructive examination of items and spatial relation without disturbing sensitive items

  • Creating a viewable 3-D map of an area, particular useful in sensitive or remote locations where time and cataloging are of the essence.

3D laser scanning of archeological sites

The nature of scanning lends itself to archeological digs. The point cloud and high definition imagery memorializes the archeological dig site at that point in time. It’s a catalog of where artifacts were found and located.

Discover how 3D Point Clouds can assist your archeology project, contact SurvTech Solutions!

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